Auto Safety Gas Regulator


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Batam Business: For some communities, government policy interest subsidized kerosene is a problem in itself. How could I not, besides not yet accustomed to using gas fuel, stove, regelator and three kilos of gas cylinders provided by government free of charge to the public, as if a time bomb ready to explode at any time.

This fear is certainly very reasonable, because in some areas even in Batam, an existing gas cylinder that exploded, a result that is less well regelatornya. "Dizziness, expensive kerosene, yesterday bought a bottle already ten thousand, resistance is only three days a month for kerosene alone is up 300 thousand," complained Rahman. Yes this is indeed the father of two children of one family heads who are less supportive policy of withdrawal of subsidized kerosene.

That's because his wife is very scared Romlah use a gas stove as a cooking medium. "If there is no oil ya wife do not want to cook, let alone eat, a cup of coffee would not be available," continued cigarette factory workers in Citra Buana Industrial Area III, Batamcentre it.

Yes, from data gathered Maih POSMETRO most people afraid to use a gas stove with cylinder 3 kilograms given by the government. The reason only one afraid to explode.

Vulnerable three-kilogram gas canister explosion was also recognized by the government. One cause of these tubes can explode because of bad gas regulator and hose Conductor of the tube to the stove.

Well, to minimize the occurrence of the explosion was now available regelator and good quality hose issued by PT Multi Top Indonesia.
In Batam regelator and slang are distributed by the Cooperative Employees Purnawira Pertamina (KOPAMA).

Why has the good quality and anti-explosion? Because regelator issued by PT Multi Top Indonesia has skring automatic. So that a leak could occur either in pipeline or in connection of the pipe to the stove, with automatic valve regelator be closed, so the gas does not flow into the hose or pipe.

"Regelator this work automatically without any Swiss or the day tompbol pressed. He will check itself and if there is a leak it will close itself, so that when consumers ignite ledupan stove will not happen, because the gas has been hampered by regelator," explained Yunuar, Insurer Answer Batam Area.

He added that this regelator not sold freely on the market. Automatic output Regelator Indonesia PT Multi Top This can only be obtained at the branch office that addresses the commercial Batam Mega Legenda Blok A3 number 37, Batamcentre.

"In that place we regelator only marketed, no branches or other counter. Indeed, we have lowered the market or the marketing team menawarka into homes, but all of our marketing team is provided with identification cards from Indonesia and PT Multi Top of KOPAMA , "added Yanuar.

Marketing system to bam bam is described Yanuar taken by it on the grounds that the community labih know and better understand the procedure will use gas stoves and gas stoves to choose equipment of good quality and most importantly how to anticipate and handle in case of leaks and other.
"We lower the marketing team along with the technicians in the field of gas stove, so while offering regelator, we also held a demo of how to use a gas stove baim and correct, as well as test ketahana products that we market to the products currently used by consumers. Darisanalah, consumers will know the quality of goods we offer, "explained Yanuar.

Since the market several months ago in Batam and Riau Islands, have 28 thousand housewives who use this regelator.
"And from the customers as much, Alhamdulillah we have not met kompoir gas explosion incident," continued Yanuar.

Although the quality, but a set of regelator and gas hose is not priced by KOPAMA expensive, one setnya only offered for Rp369 thousand.
"It could be payable for four times, the first payment of 100 plus administration of USD 10 thousand, the second payment of Rp90 thousand, the third payment of Rp90 thousand, and the fourth of Rp79 thousand," he explained.

Not only that, there are more advantages to buy regelator this, because every regelator has been insured. So if something untoward happened to you, the KOPAMA will provide insurance or compensation amounting to Rp10 million.

"Where there are others who dare to pereusahaan regelator provide insurance, just us," said Yanuar.
For more information about this regelator, you can contact the phone number 0778 7495110, or visit it directly KOPAMA office every day during working hours from 08:00 until 16:30 pm. (Ikl-mb-11).

LG World at Mega Mall - AC Hercules Only Rp2, 4 Million


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Batam Business: Success with an exhibition that was held earlier, one of LG electronics home furnishings manufacturer again held a grand exhibition. This time the exhibition of the leading products in the world is concentrated in Mega Mall, Batamcentre began Sunday (3 / 4) until Saturday (16 / 4) future. "All LG products will be exhibited here," said Jannes Silitonga LG Batam Promotion Coordinator, yesterday.

These products form, the various types of refrigerators, washing machines with a wide range of capacities and models, television from the smallest to the biggest size, air conditioner, home theater, DVD Player, to the cook and seterikaan perabotam.
In addition to freely choose the products needed by consumers, Jannes also ensure that the price of each product on display will be more skewed if compared with prices on the market.

"This exhibition is our title to better introduce our products into the middle of society. I believe the public actually already know us, but now we also have many new products that would interest people," she says.
One of the latest products, according to AC Jannes Hercules Mini. AC has the lowest power consumption and highly efficient only 260 watts for sizes 1 / 2 PK.
"We marketed this AC only Rp2.450.000," he added.

There was also a refrigerator and washing machine that comes with a new look, which is a gogong batik batik creations pebatik Kepri.
In accordance with the theme 'Special Price And Lucky Draw' grand exhibition LG Exhibition @ Mega Mall in collaboration with PT Central Batam Raya will also be giving away incredible prizes on the consumer.

"Every customer who buys our products at this exhibition we will give a prize lucky draw coupon, a unit of 42 inc Plasma TV, LED TV 26 inc, 21 inch TV and DVD Player, and many other prizes, as more and more consumers who purchase the LG upon pamran, the more we increase the reward, "explained Jannes. Purchase all LG products this can be done in cash (cash) or credit premises using lising Adira n Finace.

"To our credit make sure the flower is a light at all. And to ensure the quality of LG products, we provide a minimum 1-year warranty," he concluded.
Jannes invite all people of Batam and Riau Islands in search of various electronic products, in order to take advantage of this moment. Because only with this exhibition, people get electronic goods at low prices but kulaitas guaranteed, especially a lucky drawnya.

So, immediately visit the exhibition in the Atrium Exhibition LG Mega Mall, get your needs and gain the opportunity to be a winner in the lucky drawnya. (Ikl-mb3/one)

Yahoo Computer - Complete Computer Shopping Center and Cheapest


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BATAM, BUSINESS: Computers and laptops these days is not a luxury item anymore. Both are working tools that inevitably must diterpenuhi. With media and laptop computer we can menbuat world is in our grasp. So also with the tasks piling up.
Although both these items are not luxury needs, but make no mistake, both are still relatively high price. Unless you buy at the store Yahoo Computer.
Center for new computer purchase and resale are located at the DC Mall, first floor exactly in front of the door 5, the mall located in Tanjunguma it.

"Today we had 200 computers that we offer resale to consumers at low prices," said Ongku, owner of Computer Yahoo yesterday.
although the resale of goods, but Aongku guarantee that the computers that he sold all of them have good quality and not easily damaged.
"We have one month warranty that the goods even though resale. If the other place I dare not say," he explained.

Well, if there is a problem with the purchased computer, Ongku willing to exchange it for another computer.
Pentium 4 computer with the facilities offered only worth 500 thousand with a 2.4 GHz processor. "Brand Compaq IMB," she says.
As for the LCD, just dibanderol for Rp400 thousand per unit. "Utu is a flat screen," said Ongku.

For computers Pentium D (two cores) Yahoo Computer also offers a very friendly price. "Only Rp1 million only, the processor has 3 GB, HDD 80 to 160 GB with 1GB memory," he explained.

Price drop this crazy described Ongku deliberately done for the sake of pampering customers and to support government programs that will make Batam as the Digital City.
"Throughout the month of April, we sale all, if everyone in Batam has a computer I'm sure there will be no more that gaptek (stuttering technology), so Batam can be more advanced," he explained.

What are you waiting, while still promoting and cook just want to be an audience of people who use computers and laptops only, immediately get the best-quality cheap computer is only in Yahoo Computer, for more information, you also can contact monor phone or come 081364781223 directly with Yahoo address Compt
ground floor door 5 Block F No.61-62 and 63 DC Mall Batam. (IKL-MB5).

Kawasaki D-tracker 150cc only 27 millions


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Batam Business: At a glance, Kawasaki D-Tracker as "toy", its dimension is smaller than his brothers ditrail.

Just over a mini tire size, just 14 inches. Precisely, 100/80-14 tires for the front wheels 2:15 × 14. Who's behind the wheel, apply the tires 120/80-14 with rim dimensions of 2:50 × 14. Small enough for the size dirt bike. Likewise, ground clearance is not so high.

According to Majer Marketing Ltd Ronie Pas Abadi Sejahtera as the official Kawasaki dealers are located diRuko Crown block A number 19-20 Raya Batam Centre With smaller tires, lighter effects driven more so. Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is habitat on the pavement needs profile tire size like that. Ban semi-donut combined small wheel size makes the D-Tracker 150 light maneuver on asphalt.

Problem dimensions, Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is not different with the Kawasaki KLX 150. Similarly, engine, speedometer, and the design of its body. The difference, D-Tracker 150 is supported upside down shock absorber. The character of this suspension to make the D-Tracker 150 is quite soft, but not sluggish at the rocky road Ronie added.

When the Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 invited cornering, wide tires make more confident devour the turn. Resting bodies closer to the ground, interspersed fingers rotate more in gas throttle, D-Tracker 150 remained stable.

Motor is equipped with 150 cc engine which is also exactly the same as yours Kawasaki KLX 150. Strength okay, capable berakselarasi from 0-60 km / hour in 5 seconds. Final gear smaller. When KLX 150 using the front-rear gear ratio of 14/44, D-Tracker wearing 14/41 gear. As a result, the D-Tracker breath longer.

What is clear, with the price of Rp 27 million, Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is perfect for bikers who enjoyed dirt bike design. Everyday use do need variety. If you get bored up duck or scooter, Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 can be a solution. For more information consumers who want to have this bike can contact 07787031225,7483294,081364037661,081277451414 lid Ronie. (Ikl-mb3)

Massive Discounts on Computers Index


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Batam Business, Who says expensive laptop! Try your trip to the BCS mall, precisely in the Index Computer floors 2 blocks F9 no longer promo 03.Kami large - scale of the new Acer Aspire 4738Z laptop we only sell at a price of Rp. 3.45 jt. One year warranty, Tori said Operations Manager Computer Index to Posmetro a few days ago.

According to Tori, this Acer Aspire 4738Z with the following specifications intel pentium Speck P6 200 with a screen 14 "HD LED.LCD, hardis 500 GB HDD, one GB of memory, could be DVD, wireless. In addition to bonus again, fan, most, bags, keboart protestar, he said.

We also have a PC with a price promo Rp.1.990.000 with the following specifications: mainboard ECS G31-Intel chipsets, E22002.2 GHZ processor, 1 GB DDR2 800MHz Ram kingston, Hitachi sata 250 GB HDD, 22X DVD RWLG, Casing Power UP . We also provide promo LCD Acer 18.5 "with a price of Rp. 800 thousand and Vodafone modem worth Rp.288 ribu.Modem can use all the cards, says Tori. we also provide a one year warranty to purchase the CPU and Monitor. In addition to We give the most bonuses and keyboard, he added.

Deh We guarantee our prices cheaper than elsewhere, can prove. You're curious, can call us at 607 hp 0813 6499 8082 9768.0778 or can come directly to our showroom in the BCS mall, added Tori ended. (ikl mb2).

Current Six Months, DP 100 Percent Return


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Batam Business: Hari gini not have a personal vehicle? Capek dech, everywhere slam dealer price offers on products. Weight with financing a new motor? 've Taken the resale aja, provided careful when buying surely to a like new. Not only the body, engine still 100 per cent okay.
Well, by the way seken motor problems, we know very well in places where its sales. Especially those with super good quality and of course cheap.

Is PT Pas Abadi Sejahtera, this used motorcycle dealers operating in the region or rather Tanjunguncang Fanindo du commercial, Blok F number 12, Tanjunguncang, Batam.
All types of motorcycles Japanese output is here, from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, down to the Kawasaki.

"We are only selling used motorcycles Japanese output, not the other," said Nahrowi, Marketing Manager of PT Sejahtera Abadi Pas met on the sidelines of yesterday's preoccupations.
All motorcycles offered by PT Pas according kulaitas Nahrowi have a very good, because 90 percent of whom are motor tug of lising.

"On average we are offering the motor output of 2010, so the quality can be tested," explained Nahrowi.
In addition, buy motor used in PT Pas also has many advantages, even beyond when we buy a new bike at the dealership.
"Right now we're holding a massive promo. Every purchase we will give it a motorcycle helmet standards, then consumers can free service three times, grayis oil change once, inikan same as buying a new motorcycle. Where there is love resale motor dealers ease like us, "explained Nahrowi.

Also during the month of April also PT Pas pampering its customers with a deposit or down payment program back 100 percent.
Want to know how? "Customers who six months of mortgage pass nunggal never and never te; at, then in the sixth month deposit or down payment it will be back 100 percent. If he took one million motors use DP for example, the one million that we will return round without any cuts at all, "said Nahrowi.
In addition, there is more ease of PT fit that will not be gained by consumers from other dealers including authorized dealer though.

"Yes we have a lising or finance company itself. Every consumer who uses our lising service, then he is entitled to get service. For example, he had no time to pay the mortgage each month to the office, then the party will pick lising the consumer no matter where it is located, live telephone Our people will come, "he explained.

This was explained by Nahrowi to avoid consumer installment of arrears. "You have a survey, consumers were not in fact do not want to pay, but sometimes the time just is not there, so they are overdue.'s Why we created this program I'll pick up the ball between the consumer and we both benefit," lid Nahrowi with a big smile.

Now readers POSMETRO, for those who want to obtaining motor used with the new quality and obtain facilities that can spoil you, just come directly to the PT Pas Abadi Sejahtera, or can also contact the marketing, Acep 0778 7336977, 08566704441, 081372764358 Boyke, Indra 081372287228, 081270168975 or Anga Zaenal 082 173 627 832. (ikl-mb3/one)

Can Baby Car CCTV Power Purchase


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BATAM, BUSINESS: Want to keep track of the state house, your children, your investment security from wherever you are? From a far distance though? Baby Power answers. Baby Power is a set of hidden cameras that connect directly to your mobile phone and internet.

With Power Baby you can monitor the state of your favorite baby who was playing at home, your office staff, and or whatever else you want to monitor from a distance. "With the Baby Power, we can more calmly leave the home and office," said Operations Manager Lidiyanto Baby Power.

Explained Lidiyanto, a promotional package Baby Power,
by CCTV from anywhere, anytime, when you are not in place, you can now monitor your favorite baby d home, employees in the office via mobile phones and the internet just by Rp525ribu * 12saja.dan to his main prize of 1 unit Proton Savvy cars, LED 32, Netbooks, Blckberry only with Baby Power.

Not only that Baby Power also provides promotional packages such as; -4 IR CCTV Unit 1 / 4 'SHARP.
 -1 Unit without Power Supply Boxes
 MPEG DVR Unit -1 Triplex (Playback, Recod, Network0
 -8 Fruit BNC Connector Max 60m video cable audio cable video cable unless @ USD 18,000, Central System Installation-Includes only the price Rp5.300.000, -. direct you to bring home these produck,

as revealed by Lidiyanto on every purchase of CCTV Baby Power d exhibition Nagoya Hill Hall Atrium from 1 to 5 April then you will immediately receive;-free upgrade to a Sony 1 / 3 TVL worth Rp520.000, -. and many interesting hadiah2 lainnya.segera visit our exhibition Lidiyanto said.